Reserved Words – DISCLAIMER

Disclaimer> any (or some) of RESERVED words are fully OBSERVED or wrongly SERVED. I am OBSESSED about closing SESSIONS. Sign out or Log out – everybody should care. Problem of responsibility becames of to be Signed IN. Solution? To be Signed Off. Somewhere elsewhere anybody could say. Milestones by my smiley Miles stones. Stucked or Stacked? Let It flow. Flowstone. Everybody and everything is somewhere elsewhere. It is something what is unresolvable. What about is anything whats about something else then nothing is? This is only vocabulary exam. 😀 Am I able to overspeak your tellings about something what lies elsewhere then my mind is flowing there? Here is something what about I am able speak to you. The right way overhelming ourselfs by the way. Correct conclusions. May be corrected, or may It be overhaul? Check off of your check list anything what not checks with you the right way. Where is your shack? I live there too with you. What am I? Something what should be not responsed to. Are sayings lies then it becomes real? Somebody could say yay, anybody else respose to this responsibility another way. Conclusion? Anybody can see something in everything or may be nothing. This is only example of written language. One language in another language. Is It about culture? Or It seems to be something more like faith? Construction over construction leads only to itself. Do you need strong leads, pads or chromatics? Beat that away. Values. Strong, seamed or crushed. Response is of us.

Takže vám přeji hezký večer a rollujte si to podle rulů, kterým nerozumíte a nechápete je, ale musíte být taky součástí jejich párty.

Muck muck. 😀 😉

Váš Otec Fura.

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